Anti Backing Bars

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Increase safety during AI with an anti-backing bar.

One of the easiest and cheapest way to improve the safety on your cattle crush is to add an anti backing bar. These devices clamp onto the existing crush rails and can be moved into position behind a single animal or a group of animals. Once pressure is put onto the backing bar, it locks in place, preventing the animals from moving backwards, hence the name.

There are numerous models on the market but here at Bo Steel Ltd, we have devoted a lot of time and effort into getting our robust backing bar design just right. The Bo steel backing bar has a unique feature in that the bar can be withdrawn horizontally or it can also pivot on the crush rail. This makes if a very versatile tool when working on cattle in a cute or race. It makes jobs such as dosing, testing or carrying out any inspection a lot easier and safer. If you have a Bo Steel backing bar on your crush you can have the piece of mind that the next time you have to work in the crush, it will be safe and controlled. We regularly sell our backing bars to vets and AI technicians. For these professionals, a backing bar is an essential piece of kit to have when they find them selves having to enter a cattle crush and work behind an animal. We have two models to choose from, a 48mm (2 inch) version and a 60mm (2.5 inch) version. Which one you buy will depend on the size of the crush rail in your cattle crush. We also do a deal where a AI technician or vet can but both models at a reduced price. Both 2” and 2.5” backing bars are available via our online shop.

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2'' anti backing bar
48mm (2”) Anti backing bar.
60mm (2.5”) anti backing bar

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