Calving Gates by BoSteel

Calving Gate Technical Guide

The MK IV series of gates are truly multifunctional gates. Its main advantage over a rigid or conventional calving gate is that the main gate can completely close around the animal. This allows for more effective "Marshalling" of the animal into the head lock section of the gate. It can also be folded flat against the wall it hangs off. Stability in the working position is achieved via our unique drop down leg.  The MK IV is the latest in Bo Steel's ongoing research and development into how calving gates can make your life easier and safer.

So whats new?  Headlock gate - extra position to allow small stock such as calves to be handled, ideal for dehorning calves.

Operating/Close over gate - more room to allow milking or training calves to suck.

Caesearan Gate - This can now also be used to close the gap in the Drafting gate preventing stock from entering the calving pen when in use

Calving Gates by BoSteel


The headlock is a simple design with a swivel lock bar which has a rachet on top. The animals head is caught between this and the telescopic bar which is spring loaded for easy removal if needed. The telescopic bar also has a number of settings for large and small heads. It can even be used to catch a calf´s head if used for dehorning.


Drop Down Leg
One of the unique features of the MK III calving gate is the drop down leg that secures the Headlock section in place. It is a heavy wall 48mm tube that can be raised and lowered as needed. Once dropped and tightened, the headlock is fixed rigid, perpendicular to the wall.

Fold Away
The MK IV gate can be folded neatly against the wall when not being used leaving the shed free for other uses or unobstructed during cleaning.

Operating Gate
The operation or caesarean section gate closes over the animal and is secured with a chain to the wall. It can be used to hold the animal in place when using a calving jack, carrying out a C Section operation or it is also handy if a calf is having trouble sucking.

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