Calving Gates by BoSteel
Calving Gates by BoSteel

Calving Gates

Calving gates were once a luxury item to have in your shed but in recent times they have become a necessity due to Safety.

The Bó Steel calving gate has quickly becoming the gate of choice for vets, AI technicans and farmers all over Ireland and the UK, why is that?

  1. The gate has undergone a long series of innovation and development based on customer feedback. The current series is Mark 4 or IV.
  2. Our gates fold or articulate at the headlock/headstock so that the gate folds around the animal or can be used to marshal the animal into the gate giving maximum protection to the farmer.
  3. The gates can also be folded away when not in use via the use of the drop down leg feature. This feature briefly trended on the platform Tiktok, that in itself tells you that the feature is popular!
  4. The close over gate or caesearan gate feature is especially designed to allow calves to suckle or if they have encouraged to feed, this can be done safely.
  5. For a full video on the gate watch our YouTube video

Fixed 9'6'' (2.9m) Gate

The 9'6'' gate is the shortest gate we make, but we have still managed to cram all the features of the longer gate. This gate is intended for a 10' over all opening or you can use the panel without a headlock as part of a crush race.


Fixed 10ft (3.05m) gate

As with the 9'6'' all our features in a short gate for small openings.


Adjustable 10 to 11' (3.05 to 3.35m

The 10 to 11' gate is the first of our adjustable gates. It is also found on our mobile crushes. The end can be moved to suit the gap and tightened in place with two M12 grub screws


Adjustable 11 to 13' (3.35 to 4m)

The second of adjustable gates, it can be adjusted right down to 11ft or left at full length to 13'. In this model some cutting of bars is necessary during installation. For more information see this video (link)


Adjustable 11 to 15' (3.35 to 4.6m)

The third of our adjustable gates. It is constructed in the same way as the 11 to 13' but it fits gaps up to 15'


Telescopic Gate

Telescopic gate –The telescopic gate has a range of can be extended up to 950mm. This is useful when the gate swings between two points of different length when it is opened flat or closed around the cow. It also allows us to make a very long gate if needed up to 18', a whopping 5.5m


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