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Cattle Crushes

Cattle crushes are an integral part of the product range at Bó steel Ltd and have been in since the Company's formation. In the early days, the company would be often be asked to carry out repairs to cattle crushes, races and head-gates after a particularly punishing duel between man and beast often with the beast winning. Paul, the company's founder often tells of a story of his father buying a second hand head gate at an auction in Omagh in Northern Ireland. This was the early 90's and the gate was strapped to a roof rack and transported back across the border past all the army check points, back to the family farm in Mayo. It was quickly installed and was a massive improvement over its rusty predecessor. It had one major flaw in that there was a horizontal bar about 1/3 up on the head gate. It wasn't long before a particularly big bullock got stuck and one leg out over the offending bar. There was no moving the animal and the angle grinder had to be got out to cut the precious gate from its hinges and set the bullock free. The episode finished with the animal heading off down the field wearing the head-gate like a necklace!

To say that Paul was inspired to make something better is an understatement! Roll forward to today and Bo Steel has a range of products including crush posts, rails, end gate, panels, head-gates, and crush safety equipment. This safety equipment includes items such as anti backing bars and head-gates with quick release mechanisms (vital to turn that bullock back!). The company's latest focus has been to made these crush designs mobile and they now boast a mobile calving crate. As with all our products, Bo Steel is active in taking customer feedback and incorporating it into its next generation of equipment. One thing is for sure, if you need a cattle crush, the Bo Steel team can design one to suit your needs.

Below are some samples of our Cattle Crushes

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