Safe Calves in Longford

Almost 18 months ago I set out to solve a problem that many farmers had been asking me about. Is there a way to make a feeding barrier so that young suckler calves won\’t jump through? Calves roaming free in a feeding passage is not only annoying, they can also spoil silage and other expensive feed stuffs. The \’calf safe\’ barrier was born. Up until now we have only made these feed barriers for a small number of farmers in order to test and evaluate the design, one of those brave farmers was Derek in Longford. His problem was that his new shed was along a busy country road, having calves roaming free just wasn\’t an option. I visited him last week to see how things were going and he was happy to say, there have no been prision breaks since the barriers when in. Cows are able to feed well though the new tapered headspaces and calves remain with the cows. One other major advantage of the calf safe barrier is that there is a significant cost saving when compared to headlocking barriers. The headlock barriers where previously the barrier of choice for keeping frisky calves confined. If you are having problems with escaping calves, what not give us a ring to see if the Bó Steel team can help.

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