The Rocky Road to Dublin…

On a wet and windy November evening I made a call to regular Dublin customer Derek from Rathfarnham. We\’ve put down a tough few weeks on a construction project on the east coast and its nice to get back to a decent agricultural evening call.
Derek farms sucker cattle in the hills above Rathfarnham and as you can see from the photo, he has a birds eye view of the city. In 2013 Bó Steel fitted out Derek\’s straw bed shed with penning gates and a calving gate. As with all straw bed set-ups, one of the problems is that the bed rises over the winter as more straw is added. At the time Derek suggest some sort of clamp on hinge that could be easily adjusted to a new height when needed.
 And so the Bo Steel heavy duty clamp on hanger was devised. Its actually only recently that we have managed to perfect to large scale manufacture of the hangers and they are now in stock. People find them very handy for many situation where normal, imported clamp on hangers simply do not cut the mustard. Our hangers are all hot dip galvanised for a much heavier zinc coating and longer life.

This week’s prize of a pair of clamp on hangers or one of our limited edition, welder long sleeve T Shirts, simply actually answer this question….what Dublin singer has a hit with the Rocky road to Dublin?

Answers on a postcard please or simply click this handy link

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